Job Seekers

The NEW Manufacturing Alliance is interested in learning more about your skills and abilities and how you might be a great fit at one of the Alliance member companies. If you are a job seeker, we encourage you to:

  1. Review the Now Hiring section of the website and apply directly to the company.
  2. Create a Network Profile on the Alliance’s website. By doing so, companies will contact you about job opportunities you qualify for at their company. The network profile is limited to 20 questions and you do not need a resume to apply.                                     
  3. Checkout Alliance Members' Websites, located under the Manufacturers tab. You will find links to over 160 different companies. Click the individual company's link to view their up-to-date job openings.
  4. Don’t miss the over 90,000 jobs listed on the state of Wisconsin’s Job Center website.

Andy Bushmaker congratulating Alex Peters, 2017 All Star of KI


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