Burger Boat Company

Burger Boat Company is recruiting for the following positions.

Director of Engineering will lead the Engineering Team and coordinate all engineering activities to assure department success. This involves, at a minimum, reviewing the needs of Burger’s production departments to learn what will be the minimum scope of engineering work required that will provide the production departments with the quickest access to accurate deliverables while not over producing. Additionally, must evaluate all engineering work product created by Burger Engineers, as well as the engineering work product created by outside engineering firms whom Burger has contracted with. 

Electrical Engineer is responsible for providing electrical expertise to ensure proper operation of the yachts. The Electrical Engineer reviews the projects, analyzes boat specific requirements and constructs electrical plans for each project. Once plans are in place, The Electrical Engineer ensures timely and proper administration of these plans.

Project Manager is responsible to identify, organize, coordinate, execute, and review documents and activities to ensure that projects will be completed and delivered within budget and on schedule.  Has the responsibility to coordinate with Burger Executive, Finance, Supply Chain, Production, Engineering, Production Support, Testing and Commissioning to achieve the on-time delivery of projects. The Project Manager is responsible to review defined budgets and schedules, helping to insure the project shall meet the quality requirements and procedures of Burger Boat.

Send your resume and a letter of interest to: Director of Human Resources, Burger Boat Company, 1811 Spring St., Manitowoc, WI 54220 - Or email cprokash@burgerboat.com or recruit@burgerboat.com


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