Industrial Maintenance Career Pathway

Training Industry Jobs Job Skills

4-Year Bachelor Degree
Electrical Engineering (UW-Fox Valley, UW-Stout, UW-Platteville, UW-Madison, Michigan Tech, MSOE)

Manufacturing Engineering (UW-Stout, 2+2 Program: UW-StoutNWTC)

Mechanical Engineering (UW-Fox Valley, UW-Stout, UW-Platteville, UW-Madison, Michigan Tech, MSOE)

Advanced Training

Broad Industry Experience


Technical Professional &
Managerial Jobs

($24 to $44+/hour)

Project Manager

Maintenance Supervisor

Manufacturing Engineer

Mechanical Engineer 

Plant Manager

Industrial Facilities Manager

Process Engineer

Reliability Engineer



Asset Availability Leader All Stars: 2009  2013   

Job Coordinator All Star:  2013 

Maintenance Leader  All Star:  2010  

Maintenance Planner All Star:  2012 

Manufacturing Design Engineer All Star:  2010 

Manufacturing Engineer All Stars:  2009  2012

Manufacturing Test Engineer All Star:  2013  

Mechanical Engineer:  DKBEP  

Mechanical Engineer All Star:  2013 

Planner All Stars:  2009  2009

Program Engineer All Star:  2010

Technical Skills Needed: broad skills as required for skilled technician jobs, all aspects of Machine Shop operations, project management, quality control, Lean Six Sigma-Black Belt, Total Productive Maintenance, engineering analysis, design, drafting, computer software proficiency (word processing, spreadsheet, project management system, CAD), manage jobs for profit, strong mathematical background, perform design reviews and provide recommendations, perform engineering analysis, design, drafting, technical report writing

Soft Skills Needed: analyze situations for constant operational improvement, manage multiple projects at various stages (planning, design, procurement, construction), guide and manage consultants performing design and construction inspection services, good judgment, organizational skills, sound reasoning skills, leadership, ability to motivate and manage others, ability to provide training or assistance, ability to work in team environment and independently, effective verbal and written communications, technical report writing, willingness to travel

2-Year Associate Degree

Manufacturing Engineering Technology (NWTC)

Manufacturing Operations Management (NWTC)

Mechanical Design Technology

Electromechanical Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology

Automation Engineering

Advanced Training

Broad Industry Experience

Apprenticeship (FVTC, LTC, MPTCNWTC)

Skilled Technician Jobs

Field Service Technician

Electrical & Instrumentation Technician

Electro-Mechanical Technician

Converting Mechanic


Automation Equipment Technician


Electrical Engineer All Star: 2012 

Electrical Engineering Designer All Star:  2009

Electrician All Star: 2010

Electro-Mechanical Technician All Stars: 2009  2013  

Field Service Technician All Star: 2009  

Material Handler All Star:  2012

Technical Service Rep. All Star:  2011 

Technical Skills Needed: more advanced skills of semi-skilled technical jobs, PLC and drive systems, precision alignments, welding, vibration analysis, sheet metal, HVACR, plumbing and piping systems, mechanical systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, schematic reading, installation, equipment startup, strong electrical and mechanical background, electronics, panel and machine wiring, preventative and predictive maintenance, Lean Six Sigma, precision measuring, precision tools, GD & T precision reading, troubleshoot and repair facility machinery, assembly, alignment, relocations, rigging, mechanical aptitude, computer software (word processing, spreadsheet, CAD, project management)

Soft Skills Needed: troubleshooting, handling problems involving several concrete variables in standardized conditions, detailed and quality oriented, leadership, ability to motivate and manage others, ability to provide training or assistance, ability to work in team environment, can-do attitude, dependability and reliability, motivation, effective one-on-one and small group verbal communications, effective written communications (repair and maintenance logs, correspondence)

1-Year Technical Diploma

Mechanical Systems

Industrial Maintenance (LTC)

Certificate Programs
Industrial Maintenance (FVTC, MPTC)

Advanced Industrial Maintenance (MPTC)

Automation and Maintenance (FVTC)

Engineering and Manufacturing Certificates (NWTC)

Apprenticeship (FVTC, LTC, MPTCNWTC)

Occupational/Industry Certificate

Some Experience (1-5 years)

Exposure to Industry
Youth Apprenticeship or Co-op

Semi-Skilled Technical Jobs

Electrical Assembly

Industrial Maintenance

Machine Assembler

Mechanical Maintencance Technician


Assembler All Stars:  2012

Assembly Technician All Star:  2011

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic

Electrical Assembly:  DKBEP

Maintenance All Stars:  2010  2011  2013 

Mold Maintenance Technician All Star:  2010

Technical Skills Needed: mechanical aptitude, centrifugal water pumps and valves, power transmission equipment and components, installation, preventative maintenance, troubleshoot motor control circuits, welding, TIG/MIG, brazing, gas torch, cutting, soldering, AC and DC control circuit design and troubleshooting, hydraulics, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic prints, 480 V motor control circuits, electrical distribution, NEC, knowledge of control valves, basic machining, lathe, HVACR basic control, power transmission, power trains, gears, sheaves, belts, drives, pump and coupling alignment, read blueprints and schematics, hydraulic schematics, electric blueprints, dimensioning and measuring, installation of electric construction components (conduit, disconnects, panels, lighting), pneumatic circuits, motor control circuits, PLC programming, basic math (algebra, geometry, proportions, percentages, area, circumference, volume, area), computer (data entry, info search, software to monitor and troubleshoot equipment problems), access PLC

Soft Skills Needed: troubleshooting, self-starter, motivation, ability to work independently and in team environment, can-do attitude, dependability, reliability, effective verbal communications, carry out and follow instructions (verbal, written, diagram)

High School Diploma/GED

Little or No Experience

Unskilled Jobs

Maintenance Clean-up

General Laborer

Technical Skills Needed: forklift, skid steer, ability to lift 50 pounds, maintain and secure work tools, clean and maintain work area

Soft Skills Needed: self-starter, reliable, ability to work independently and in a team environment, can-do attitude, dependability and reliability, motivation

Workplace Basics
Intensive Work Readiness
High School Diploma/GED