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OUR GOAL is to provide students with first-hand exposure to real manufacturing STEM careers and help them better understand how STEM subjects are used in the workplace.

When students visit manufacturing plants, they observe technical, high quality, good paying manufacturing careers. We hope their experience sparks an interest in jobs that are incredibly varied, exciting, and challenging.

EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS – Local manufacturers share the importance of workplace employability skills like teamwork, reliability and critical thinking.

DISCOVER – Students will discover a wide range of jobs in highly automated, high tech, and very clean northeast Wisconsin facilities. 

PRODUCTS – See the inside of local manufacturing plants, products made, and how innovative machines and tools are used right here in northeast Wisconsin.

CAREER PATH – Manufacturing offers significant career pathways, many promotion possibilities, and opportunities leading to great lifestyles!

Thank you Alliance members for welcoming students to explore and imagine their future in manufacturing!

GOOGLE FOLDER – Contains the downloadable virtual plant tour videos, in addition to the items listed below.

MARINETTE AREA Virtual Plant Tour Resources
Virtual Plant Tour

Virtual plant tours were recorded by the following companies.

Showcase Your Plant, Build Relationships, Help Students & Educators

Explore Careers: A Guide to Successful Plant Tours 

Conducting manufacturing plant visits for students, educators, parents, media, and elected officials is a good way to build relationships for your company, expose community members to high quality, good paying manufacturing careers, and educate people on the value of manufacturing.

More than anything else, plant tours educate the community on the importance of manufacturing’s role in the economy and allow a first-hand look at how manufacturing has changed from most people’s 1950s impression. These visits can provide excellent press opportunities for your company. Better yet, your neighbors will have a  better appreciation for your role in your community. 

This guide will help you plan, prepare for, and conduct a successful plant tour, as well as ensure your experience is as effective as possible. You will find a simple yet thorough checklist to follow to make sure your plant tour runs as smoothly as possible.

Plant tours paint the perfect picture of manufacturing at work.

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Employer Plant Tour Guide
  1. Plant Tour Checklist
  2. Plant Tour Setup
  3. Organizing the Plant Tour
  4. Conducting the Tour
  5. Followup After the Tour
  6. Planning for the Media
  7. Manufacturing Careers – With Upcoming Demand
  8. Fun Facts


Educator Plant Tour at Georgia-Pacific – Green Bay, WI