Manufacturing First Expo & Conference

2020 marked the 10th annual Manufacturing First Expo & Conference. Held virtually, favorite aspects of past events, along with new options, gave attendees additional flexibility and the ability to gather more content.

On October 20renowned futurist Daniel Burrus delivered the conference’s keynote address, “The Anticipatory Leader: A Proven Model to Predict Change and Create Extraordinary Results.”
On October 21, Seura co-founders Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson delivered the day’s keynote address. They shared how they built their business, an award-winning Green Bay-based manufacturer offering a full portfolio of mirror and TV solutions with applications in indoor and outdoor spaces.

From October 20 – 22, Manufacturing First featured virtual networking and exhibitor connection time each day.

October 22 featured a CEO roundtable discussion, “Building a Great Culture in Times of Crisis.” Additional live webinars and informational sessions followed the keynote presentations each day.

Each day ended with additional networking and exhibitor time beginning at 4 p.m. The three-day event concluded with a virtual power hour, including a chance to win prizes.

This short VIDEO explains the virtual exhibit booths using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect with attendees based on their profiles, interests, job titles, buying/selling and so much more!