Get Real Math! Videos

The Get Real Math videos showcase over 80 common core skills used in the real world. The videos, produced at manufacturing companies, serve as a capstone after a skill is learned in school. Math skills featured are 3rd grade through high school. The lesson plans are created by math teachers.

What do canisters have to do with math?

ROCKLINE INDUSTRIES – Lesson PlanWhat do canisters have to do with math? VIDEO

Common Core Mathematical Content Standards:

4.NBT.4  Fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

6.RP.3c  Find a percent of a quantity as a rate per 100 (e.g., 30% of a quantity means 30/100 times the quantity); solve problems involving find the whole, given a part and the percent.

7.RP.3  Use proportional relationships to solve multistep ratio and percent problems.  Examples:  simple interest, tax, markups and markdowns, percent increase and decrease, percent error.

Grades 4, 6, 7

Common Core Mathematical Practice Standards:

  1.  Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
  2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
  3. Model with mathematics.