Earn & Learn

Advanced manufacturing skills are in demand! EARN & LEARN helps students in making a successful transition from adolescence into adulthood through job skills and work experience.

Earn & Learn
Participating students will have an opportunity to connect with area manufacturers who will pay a portion of their tuition. Thank you for considering being a part of this great program!



As an Earn & Learn employer partner, you will be connected with local high school students who have completed a dual credit manufacturing course(s) or Youth Apprenticeship and are interested in working for you.

  • Let us introduce you to a highly motivated workforce.
  • Create a talent pipeline with area graduates.
  • Invest in the future of advanced manufacturing!
  • Earn & Learn Draft Day will be scheduled for spring 2022 at Lambeau Field.

NEWMA members are encouraged to contact Ann Franz if they are interested in participating.


Are you a senior in high school who is graduating in the spring? 

Take advantage of your Youth Apprenticeship or high school dual credits in Electro-Mechanical, Engineering Technologies, CNC, or Welding!

Students in Youth Apprentice or dual-credit manufacturing programs qualify for Earn & Learn.

  • Graduate with a portion of your college tuition paid for you.
  • Work part-time for a supportive, area manufacturer while in college.
  • Gain real-world experience.
  • Build skills and create connections for employment after graduation.
Get matched with a local manufacturer who will:
  • Pay a portion of your college tuition.
  • Provide you with part-time employment while you’re in college.
  • Build skills and connections for jobs after graduation!

To get started, complete the student application and return it to your high school tech ed teacher.


Please complete the reference form for each student application you receive. The forms can then be sent to Allyson Baue, NWTC’s Earn & Learn coordinator, phone 920-498-5475.

EARN & LEARN DRAFT DAY at Lambeau Field!

Celebrate your commitment with an area manufacturer who is committed to investing in you, your education, and your future.

It’s a win-win: You’ll get tuition assistance and hands-on experience — the company gets a motivated, skilled employee in advanced manufacturing.


Contact Allyson Baue, NWTC’s Earn & Learn coordinator or Chuck Wachter, Fox Valley Technical College’s Earn & Learn coordinator.