Take Your Daughter/Son to Work Day

Take Your Child to Work Day Planning Guide

The best way to help kids learn about manufacturing careers is to see people that work in the profession. This is the reason the NEW Manufacturing Alliance is advocating for its members to participate in ‘Take Your Daughter and Son to Work Day’ (TYDSWD). The goal is to showcase manufacturing careers to youth by observing their parent’s occupation and learn more about your company.

Many companies have participated in the program, including CMD Corp. Here is a commercial that aired featuring a father and son that work at the same company. The son saw firsthand the great careers at the company at a ‘Take Your Child to Work Day’ and now works at the company.

The following are some suggestions to host a TYDSWD at your company. 

Visit the national website that offers several resources for planning your event.

Create a scavenger hunt to see if your kids can find various items in your office.

Best Practice Tips:

  • Keep the event to ½ day, which may or may not include lunch.
  • Have a predetermined age limit, as it is very hard to create activities for a wide-age range group (we target elementary school age).
  • Keep the kids moving often (~45 minutes or less) to avoid boredom.
  • If you are able, have a photo booth or something similar to capture the moment. Employees love to post these photos at their desk/work space.